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Shades of the Miami Republican riot of 2000. Where to even begin with these idiot thugs?

Two political rallies turned into a brawl Saturday night in Des Moines.

A Democratic rally at Drake's Olmstead Center, urged young Iowans to get out and vote. It was targeted toward high school and college students. A group known for not voting. The rally featured comedian Janene [sic] Garafalo and classic rock star Joan Jett, but it got a surprise visit from some unwanted guests.

A group of college republicans at their Midwest caucus leadership conference heard about the rally and stormed in.

"There are seven of us who worked really hard at putting this conference together, said Jason Cole of the college republicans. "so, we met, discussed and majority ruled. We went down there."

What they didn't discuss is what to do if things get out of hand. One of the Bush supporters shoved Jett and she pushed back in anger. [Cole] said that was the decision of one person, and not at all representative of what the conference was trying to do.

Campus security did show up break things up. The concert did resume as planned. In fact, Jett wrapped up her day with two more performances. One in Fort Dodge, the other in Marshalltown.

And, really -- picking fights with Joan Jett? Do these dipshits want their asses kicked?

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look -- the odds of 7 CRs going (unprovoked) into any one elses event is nil.

Something or someone provoked them -- sounds like Dean was as diplomatic here as he was with the ML King event.

been there, seen more @ 01/23/2004 04:35 PM CST

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