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Yeah, hi. I've got this new job. And I know I should just shut up and be thankful in this economy, but I hate it. Maybe "hate" is not the right word. I mean, I'm glad to be working again and being able to pay bills and all. The people are nice. And there are about 7 million worse things than sitting in a cube and being a journalist. And maybe after a couple more weeks I'll get back into the swing of the publishing thing again. But every minute of my workday (and I count them all) is filled with non-specific fear, and every minute at home is filled with dread about going back. Mostly I am just so over word counts and bluelines and china markers and AP Style. But I'm also discovering things about this organization's inner workings that make me uneasy.

But I don't want to be driven to misery by this. With a full-time job, homework, and what scraps of a personal life I can piece together in between, I just don't have the energy to sulk. I have to just suck it up and think happy thoughts, and occasionally remind myself that I can stay for a year and then try the nonprofit job search again. This job is just a tool for reducing my debts and paying for school until I can do what I really want. So if you ask me how the new job's going, from now on I'll just say, "Fine. It's fine." And then we'll talk about something else.

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I had a friend who took a job like this. First day, when he went to work, they came by and told him to take a lunch break. He left the office, got in his car and never went back.

He wouldn't even answer his phone for a week because he was afraid it was...them.

tbogg @ 01/21/2004 03:41 PM CST

that was 2nd and 3rd year of my life at Abbott. I made it, and so can you maam. *hug*

shechemist @ 01/21/2004 04:18 PM CST

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