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Courtney Love or James Brown?

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James Brown. No matter where he is (like, say, a police mug shot, wearing his bathrobe) the man has an inner sense of style and grace that you couldn't extinguish with a goddamned firehose! "Uhh. Yeahhh.....i'm a sex machine! Lemme hear you say!!".

Thurber hamm @ 01/29/2004 02:50 AM CST

Ever since Nick Nolte set the gold standard of celebrity mug shots, everyone is trying to outdo him. I think The Godfather comes as close as anyone has.

Phineas @ 01/29/2004 09:23 AM CST

I look forward to these photos being used in future Fark Photoshop contests.

jima @ 01/29/2004 01:03 PM CST

ms love all the way. the eyes, the lipstick. the hair.

shechemist @ 01/29/2004 02:14 PM CST

James' hair is sporting some bright blue roots, making you wonder just what he and the (40+ yr his junior?) wife were up to, that night.
Courtney loses points for the obvs extension knots. Extensions are so Paris-Hilton-out. Maybe she's been taking crazy lessons from Mr. Brown, but she'll never ever be as freaktastic as the master.

Jessica @ 01/30/2004 06:54 PM CST

Saddam's capture pic still beats 'em both.

Frida @ 02/01/2004 04:20 PM CST

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