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On Dr. Judy Steinberg:

What if the media tried on for size the notion that having an independent wife says something good about a candidate? For example, maybe, if his wife is not at his beck and call, he won't assume the sun rises because he wants to get up; maybe, if his wife has her own goals in life, her own path to tread, he won't think women were put on earth to further his ambitions; maybe, if he and his wife are true partners--which is not the same as her pouring herself into his career and his being genuinely grateful, the best-case scenario of the traditional political marriage--he may even see women as equals. Why isn't it the candidates who use their wives to further their careers with plastic smiles and cheery waves who have to squirm on Primetime?

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I think it says something very good about Dean that he doesn't think of his wife as a fully poeable doll he should be able to manipulate to serve his political goals.

That is one of the most admirable things I've heard about the man.

Debbie @ 02/01/2004 09:32 PM CST

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