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Replies: 3 Confessions

Gosh, I hope you got to watch the Kennel Club show on TV this weekend despite your busy schedule. I liked the Welsh Corgi but Best in Show went to some dog that was tall and had curly hair. Then there was a Japanese dog, I forget the name but they described the breed as having a "catlike" personality. Hmmmmm.

elavil @ 02/02/2004 08:34 AM CST

On a related note (happy cute things), my mom was thrilled to receive the necklace that Amy made and sold to me. So I encourage everybody to buy Amy's fabulous jewelry. It will make you happy.

CupaJoe @ 02/02/2004 12:56 PM CST

Thanks, CupaJoe -- I'm glad she enjoyed it!

amyc @ 02/02/2004 09:19 PM CST

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