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I'm a loyal customer at our local record and video emporium, so the owner guy gives me free stuff sometimes. Tonight, I stopped in to pick up a special order and owner guy let me buy the new Mountain Goats CD a day before its official release AND gave me a free poster AND a bumper sticker! Rock on! Now I can decorate my pitiful office cube.

Would Blockbuster Music do that for you? Fuck no!

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neither would netflix, which is why I am dropping them so I can spend more time walking with grendel to hard boiled.

shechemist @ 02/02/2004 09:51 PM CST

That owner guy rocks.

I quit going to the grocery store here myself. Why? Because the farmer guy will let me milk the cow animal. However, the butcher guy isn't as nice as the farmer guy 'cuz he won't let me cut my own meat food from the cow animal. Bummer.

And I don't mean bummer as in the bum guy 'cuz that's a different topic. And what's with the bum guy? He's always bothering pedestrian people. Grrr! That gets me mad.

Almost as mad as when I was in school and the teacher lady always corrected me on my noun words and adjective words.

Lurker guy @ 02/02/2004 10:30 PM CST

well, it's officially your birthday. so yes, have a very nice one. muah.

jobeth @ 02/03/2004 05:15 AM CST

Happy Birthday day.

Lurker Guy @ 02/03/2004 09:24 AM CST

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