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Well, my Jesus year officially comes to an end this morning. The Onion had a great article in September called "I totally outlived Jesus!" that I was going to link to, but it's not archived on their site or anywhere online, so I can't. I'm sorry. Nobody ever said life was fair.

Smoochy thanks to everyone who wished me well or sent cards or mix CDs. Although I'm feeling a little under the weather this morning (birthday migraines for everyone!), my mood has been lifted in the last couple of days. I turned in my first story at the new job, and word is it doesn't need any major rewriting, so apparently I'm not the journalistic fraud I keep imagining myself to be. Mr. Jimmie and I spent Super Bowel Sunday eating soup and playing Scrabble like the good little soup-eating nerds we are. Last night I took the long way home from work, walking nearly a mile from the train in the gently falling snow, coming home rosy-cheeked and invigorated. And Lukas Moodysson's Together -- one of my favorite movies of the last few years -- finally came out on DVD, and a nice man got it for me. You should come over and watch it some time.

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B B B B Birthday! Lucky you with the nice man and the soup and the new Mountain Goats CD and Together. Many happy returns (minues the migraine).

elavil @ 02/03/2004 10:03 AM CST

Happy Birthday, fellow February birthday girl!

w00t! w00t! w00t!

Maggie Osterberg @ 02/03/2004 10:15 AM CST

Happy birthday!

Debbie @ 02/03/2004 10:38 PM CST

Happy Birthday!!!!

Otis Fodder @ 02/03/2004 10:39 PM CST

Thanks, everybody. It was a good day.

amyc @ 02/04/2004 06:36 AM CST

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