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Jose Padilla gets to talk to a lawyer. The guy may indeed be guilty as shit, but keeping citizens in jail without filing charges or allowing them access to counsel is just not The American Way. (At least, it didn't used to be.)

Also, the right-wing media stops drinking the kool-aid (as the kids say) and the so-called liberal media gets some goddamned spine (sample quote: "So he served, but his commanding officers didn't know it?").

Is the tide a-turnin'?

Replies: 2 Confessions

Probably. Let's just hope that we're still allowed to vote come November.

jima @ 02/11/2004 09:25 PM CST

Just keep in on the blogs, keep it in the air. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she spoke at a womens forum- if you care about civil liberties speak out now.

Yankee in exile @ 02/12/2004 10:22 PM CST

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