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New job update: In the months before I started at this organization, flex time was rescinded, a schedule which allowed people to work an extra hour every day and get every other Friday off was revoked, and the workday was lengthened an extra half-hour, which screwed up a lot of employees' train schedules and day care arrangements and other personal-life bits. Now instead of 8:30-4:30, everyone has to work either 8-4:30 or 8:30-5. (Getting the bosses to agree to even that little bit of flexibility took Herculean effort.) In order to keep people honest with their new schedules, our supervisor pretty much told us to spy on our coworkers and rat them out if necessary. Office morale is not high at the moment.

But all this week, The Board is meeting in beautiful Honolulu, and because they felt sorry for all of us proles stuck in Chicago, they're letting us wear jeans!!! today and tomorrow.

It's not quite Hawaiian Shirt Day, but it'll do.

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I hope you're still getting your resume out there. Sounds like a nasty place, and it's not something you're interested in anyway. (Which is good, as it helps your remember it's temporary!)

Miriam @ 02/17/2004 03:11 PM CST

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