Back to main menu :: [Prev] from the folks who brought you [Next] -- ask Mary Cheney, famous lesbian, why she's running her dad's reelection campaign when he wants to amend the Constitution to permanently discriminate against her. And read what others have written.

And in related news: Over 1000 same-sex couples have gotten married in San Francisco since Thursday and, surprisingly, my marriage hasn't been torn asunder by this. In fact, the first person who can explain to me how this hurts anyone at all gets a free sandwich.

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That's beautiful. That picture of that elderly lesbian couple choked me wait that long, and then have it finally happen for them...

Hopefully this will provide some ammo against the anti-gay-marriage arguments by proving, like you said, that it's not destroying any straight people's marriages. If they're already doing it, and no repercussions are evident on the straight marriage front, then their whole argument goes right down the crapper.

I'm gonna go cry a few happy tears

Frida Peeple @ 02/16/2004 03:40 AM CST

Werd. How anyone could ever think, for the tiniest second, that these folks are not a family, til death do us part and all, is beyond me.

We spent yesterday circling the block of City Hall applauding and shouting teary congratulations to everyone, instigating mass honking and hollering bouts. I can't even talk about it without sounding like a frickin' Aquarian age hippy (it was beautiful, man).

Jessica @ 02/16/2004 09:10 PM CST

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