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This weekend, while waiting for the SPEC Chicago/Gapers' Block all-blogger reading marathon to get crankin', I bought two of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

First, at Uncle Fun, a snowglobe: A fireman in black and yellow brandishes a chainsaw over a helpless, naked baby. Green glitter flutters around them. This is my new Best Thing Ever. I'll maybe put up a picture later.

(update: Mr. Jimmie made a quicktime movie of the snowglobe in question. Watch it spin!)

Second, my Cinnamon-crafted March for Women's Lives messenger bag, which is even more wonderful in person. The fabric is sturdy yet soft, the pockets are plentiful and clever, the beading shiny and statement-y. And it's all handmade, people! You should buy something from her. She is a pursing genius!

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