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Bob Harris posting at This Modern World gives Baby Bush what for:

The great menace to America isn't impending ecological, economic, and/or terrorist disaster -- it's a bunch of happy people on the steps of a courthouse hugging each other.

This is where a grown-up nation would just fall down laughing.

Unfortunately, the news media is gonna have fun for a while, what with shocking pictures of people kissing each other.

So the hundred million of us who have chosen emotional childhood as a lifelong avocation -- those whose magical beliefs are so strong they cannot accept any science which disagrees; those who recoil at the public display of part of a woman's breast (but oddly not at the simulated sexual violence involved in revealing it); those who will faithfully attend a movie depicting wall-to-wall flesh-rending, wrenching, unspeakable torture, fully expecting insight into the nature of love -- are gonna froth and foam for a while, feeling persecuted because they can't persecute the people who are actually persecuted quite as much as they'd like.

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