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For the last decade or so, I've been awoken every morning by the dulcet tones of Bob Edwards and "Morning Edition" on my clock radio, and I usually listen to the news for a lazy half hour or so before getting out of bed. But for pretty much all of recent memory, this has come to mean that the first thing I hear every day is Juan Williams giving a sloppy blow job to some Bush Administration lackey, or Cokie Roberts and her inane analysis of polls showing doom for anyone who disagrees with the President (of a poll last week showing John Kerry kicking Dubya's ass in November, the esteemed Ms. Roberts actually said that polls this early in the political race are notoriously inaccurate and can't be trusted). Jim and I spend our pre-rising half hour cringing and swearing and getting furious at the Bush people's latest assaults. Bright eyes and bushy tails do not result when your mood has already been ruined by 5:30 am.

So enough of that, we finally said. But what else is there in radio-land? This morning, we woke to classical, which was pleasant -- so pleasant in fact that it rather counterproductively made me want to curl up and snooze until noon (even that rousing selection from "Carmen," aka "The Bad News Bears Theme"). I suppose we could try XRT, but the thought of hearing Dave Matthews that early in the morning actually makes me prefer Cokie. So what to do?

What wakes you?

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No need for radio here. Once the birds wake up (this would be about half an hour before dawn), Walter starts trying to rouse me. First he treads, then he chirps, then he grasps me by the lower lip and pries. I am always up by 5:30. I think I'd prefer Juan Williams, although the other morning, when NPR news played Bush's "and that's just one Senator from Massachusetts" speech every 20 minutes for 2 hours, I wasn't so sure.

elavil @ 02/25/2004 07:36 AM CST

Get a dog. They are great for waking you up with all the love you can handle.

FloydFlanders @ 02/25/2004 08:15 AM CST

We have a dog. And cats. They are apparently too lazy to wake us properly.

amyc @ 02/25/2004 09:01 AM CST

Our neighbor in Westfield used to keep peacocks. They get up early and make a helluva noise, although on balance I think they are more annoying than Cokie Roberts.

elavil @ 02/25/2004 09:59 AM CST

i use the dreaded buzzer. and, now i also set my cell as a secondary alarm after over-sleeping when i was supposed to do a training seminar...whoops!

miss ellen @ 02/25/2004 11:08 AM CST

the same shitty NPR show that wakes you up, wakes me up. *deep sigh* Tho' when juan williams in on I turn off the radio. I hate him. I hate what talk of the nation turned into when he took over the show from Ray S.

shechemist @ 02/25/2004 12:26 PM CST

My husband wakes me. If you'd like, I'll send him over.

Debbie @ 02/25/2004 01:07 PM CST

The alarm wakes up Andrew, eventually. But it also wakes up my cat who is very good at finding my bladder and putting pressure on it no matter my sleeping position. 10 pounds of purring kneading cat paw is enough to make me run for the potty.

Cinnamon @ 02/25/2004 02:45 PM CST

amy @ 02/26/2004 02:18 AM CST

I used to wake up to the sloppy blowjobs, but then I changed my schedule to get myself up at *5:30am*, so now the buzzer goes off and I leap out of bed and race across the room to shut it off before it wakes anyone unnecessarily. I've been getting up early like this for a couple of months and, while it's not as hard as it was at the beginning, it's still realllllly hard!

Charlie @ 02/29/2004 11:04 PM CST

I used to wake up to the sloppy blowjobs

You lucky dog!

amyc @ 03/01/2004 03:04 PM CST

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