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what's going on:

The wedding. Our pals Marc and Rochelle got married on Thursday night in a small, lovely ceremony. Mr. Jimmie has the scoop. Perhaps he'll put up photos soon.

School. I got my results back from the Miller Analogies Test, which I had to take a few weeks ago as a requirement for admission into grad school. Despite the appalling typos and misspellings in the Kaplan study guide (maleria, soperific, Brobdingian -- who are these Kaplan idiots?), I managed to acquit myself well enough -- I scored an 84, placing me in the 95th percentile. Good enough, I say!

One thing I learned in school this term: I do not want to work in development. I'm far too introverted to hit people up for cash...I mean, cultivate donors for a living. Plus, I'm just not all that interested in capital campaigns and whatall. I think I would make a good grant writer, but in most small nonprofits, the grant writer also has to hit people up for cash. I'm fully OK with this limitation of mine -- now I can work on the management side of my degree and not bother with getting the fundraising certificate first. Despite all this, I just got the final back from my Principles of Fundraising class, and I did well enough to get an A for the term. A pleasant surprise!

Another thing I learned: All the knowledge I've been trying to cram into my head these last few months is starting to stick. The magazine staff at work was embroiled in a wee controversy about how we could report on an association member running for office without jeopardizing our tax-exempt status (There Are Rules, you know), and I knew the answer! Nobody listened to me until the publications director checked with the association's executive director, but I was right nonetheless. On a few separate occasions now I've been able to discuss nonprofit law and history, and I'm kind of amazed at what my brain coughs up. It feels like I might just be making shit up, but I think I'm probably not. Ta-da!

The job. Eh. It's work. I don't respond well to my overlord's management style, which springs entirely from his transparent insecurities, what with his need to chide and embarrass and second-guess his employees at every possible turn. I'm on deadline this week to finish up all my work for the next issue before being deployed on the 14th to cover a conference in the fundamentalist hellhole that is Colorado Springs. Have you been to Colorado Springs? Is there anything to do there besides ski and pray? I won't have a car, and the conference is at a resort, probably far from "downtown" or whatever. So I think I'll just be stuck in the hotel for four days, attending lectures on clinical research, and doing homework. But, hey, at least I'll be out of my cube!

Also. Despite thousands of same-sex marriages performed over the last several weeks, my marriage is still happy and strong. Go figure.

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oddly enough I have spent some time in Coloraro Springs. Yeah, it sucks, got up to Boulder if you can. If not, there was this cool little theater...I think it was called Poor Richards or something. I just remembered they served ice cream and played art films. It was a long time ago.
Or you can just rent a car and go moon the Eagle Alliance (are they still called that???) HQ. That's always fun.

the other amy @ 03/07/2004 04:37 AM CST

Yeah, I'd love to finagle my way into Focus on the Family's headquarters with Sister and take a bunch of pictures of her there. I have a feeling I'd be "disappeared" if I did, though.

amyc @ 03/07/2004 12:34 PM CST

Is the conference at the Broadmoor? That's kind of a fun, funky old place, with lots of 'B'-related activities.

Visit the Hide & Seek, the oldest (only?) GLBT bar in town. It played a significant role in local gay history, and it's a good place to meet people who are not part of the Focus on the Family Borg moiety.

The campus of Colorado College is also a nice place to visit. Liberal people. Good library.

CupaJoe @ 03/08/2004 01:25 PM CST

Yes, it is indeed at the Broadmoor. Can I get away from there without a car?

amyc @ 03/08/2004 05:31 PM CST

Well, I haven't been there since 1993, but...

The hotel is about two miles from the middle of town. They don't provide any free shuttles. You could get a cab pretty easily.

My friends at Colorado College liked Poor Richard's. Good to know it's still there.

On one of the nights when you don't go into town, visit the Golden Bee somwhere in the basement of the hotel. You'll hear the obligatory rendition of "Piano Man," and you'll get properly bee'd.

CupaJoe @ 03/08/2004 06:04 PM CST

There's not much to do in the Springs, although there are some kind of funky little shops downtown if you catch a cab. Good luck avoiding the Focus freaks.

erin @ 03/08/2004 07:54 PM CST

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