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Body and Soul has a great post -- with more information than the usual news reports are providing -- about the Utah woman charged with murder for not getting a C-section.


The Wall Street Journal ran a story this week on churches opening their services to pets. Not terribly exciting in itself. But the story features a WSJ-standard stipple portrait of one Purr Box, Jr., which amuses me deeply. My only hope is that if this story had run in the New York Times, they would have referred to him on subsequent reference as Mr. Box.

Note, also, the matching squint of Mr. Box and his owner, Mary Wilkinson (who, quite frankly, looks exactly like the sort of woman who would want to bring her cat to church).


Refresh my memory: Is high-altitude mountain air supposed to be good or bad for the lungs? I've got a nasty chest cold and I'm leaving for Colorado Springs in the morning, so I'm trying to decide if I should be anxious or relieved about being in the Rockies.


Jim and I went to see Great Men of Science, Nos. 21 & 22 at Lookingglass the other night, the third show of our four-show season pass. Like the first two productions, this one was cleverly staged and well acted, but just seemed to lack a little something. There was also a lot more bodily-fluid humor than I generally see outside a Farrelly Brothers film. Perhaps the Lookingglass folks just haven't quite hit their stride in the new space. So once again, a flawed but interesting production. Next up: A musical about The Shaggs! We have high hopes for that one.


Bush: Still an idiot.


"I Know it's Over" won a poll for best song to listen to when you're down. On a related note: Morrissey Gets a Job. (Thanks, Jim!)


I, too, was looking for a job, and then I found a job. And heaven knows I'm miserable now. The people I work with, however, have developed an astounding array of coping skills for dealing with the horror that is our organization. They've now let me in on their sub rosa e-mail list, in which they regularly dissect our tyrannical overlords. I have joined La Resistance! (Although, honestly, I'd rather just find another job.)

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Mountain air: Allegedly GOOD for lungs, but that was about tb. Airplanes probably bad for chest congestion.
I am not seeing the point of cats in church but here is an unrelated (except equally improbable-but-true) cat story: My friend has a splendid brown tabby who likes water. For example, he prefers to pee in the toilet. Recently, he has taken an interest in the bathtub and likes to dabble, or even splash around, while she bathes. Recently, she woke in the middle of the night and heard water running. She traced the sound to its source: The tub was gradually filling with water while the tabby splashed contentedly and the other family cats looked on in horror. Now, she says, they have to be sure the bathroom door is shut before they go out.

elavil @ 03/13/2004 02:07 PM CST

If you feel up to it, take a tour of the nearby Garden of the Gods. (I bet that name really bothers the Focus on the Family crowd.)

Pictures here:

Have a good time!

CupaJoe @ 03/13/2004 09:09 PM CST

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