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Two high-ranking Christian Coalition employees are getting a very nasty divorce:

The Christian Coalition of America (CCA), once a formidable political voice whose advocacy for traditional family values helped propel the Republican Party to power, finds itself at the center of a nasty divorce between top employees.

The proceeding involves Tracy Ammons, CCA’s former Senate lobbyist and outreach coordinator, and Michele Combs, CCA vice president for communications and the daughter of CCA President Roberta Combs.

Combs and Ammons were wed in December 1999, but their marriage soon disintegrated and was replaced with lawsuits, countersuits and even jail time over relatively small amounts of money that hinge on custody of their 3 1/2-year-old child.

“While the nation debates traditional marriage versus gay marriage, the president of the Christian Coalition, Roberta Combs, is encouraging and bankrolling a nasty, hardball divorce by her own daughter,” said Jonathon Moseley, an attorney for Ammons.

John Aravosis, founder of, wants everyone to contact the Christian Coalition and tell them to stop making a mockery of this sacred institution:

Michele & Tracy Ammons
General email address:
Michele's direct line: 202-549-6257
Main phone number: 202-479-6900
Fax: (202) 479-4260

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You can also call Michele Ammons' divorce attorney and ask her why the Vice President of Christian Coalition had her husband thrown in JAIL. Ask if that is the Christian thing to do: Mary Ann Hall (843) 722-8942.

JackMcGuire @ 03/26/2004 11:46 PM CST

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