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You know what's not fun? Having a wooden shelf full of snowglobes fall on your head in the middle of the night.

What held that shelf in place without incident for the last three years, only to give out last night? A few weeks ago, a framed print from Phineas leapt from the kitchen wall and smashed itself on the stovetop (the print survived, the glass not so much). Perhaps our walls are turning to chalk.

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What a WB Yeats moment:
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.

elavil @ 03/29/2004 10:33 AM CST could be that poor, poor, Jim isn't the reincarnation of Tim the Tool know how you yuppies are with SuperGlue....

Ric L. @ 03/29/2004 01:05 PM CST

We hung it on a stud, Ric. You wouldn't know anything about that, I guess.

amyc @ 03/29/2004 01:18 PM CST

it is probably more fall out from the construction that claimed your ankle a while back.

the other amy @ 03/29/2004 02:36 PM CST

The beginning of the End of Days?

Charlie @ 03/29/2004 03:04 PM CST


Time to buy a condo?

Will you have to wear protective helmets to bed?

Cinnamon @ 03/29/2004 04:15 PM CST

Poltergeist or shifting tectonic plates or just a really overloaded semi on a nearby highway.

Pick one, throw a dart, whatever.

But don't mount any more shelves above the bed --- that just ain't bright.

Joanna @ 03/31/2004 03:25 PM CST

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