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One of my former roommates had a turtle named Zeke. Last night I dreamed that Zeke was in my kitchen, splashing around in his glass tank, which also now housed a bright blue and yellow flying lizard and several fish.

In that instant backstory that suddenly reveals itself in dreams, I remembered that Zeke was left in my care while his owner was "away." Even though I didn't remember taking care of Zeke at all over the last ten years, someone was doing right by him -- his water was clean and he seemed well-fed and happy (as happy as turtles get). I was glad he had made some friends in his tank, although I had no idea how they got there and the lizard kind of freaked me out.

I haven't thought about this turtle since I left Boston, but it was good to see him again last night in my head.

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If only there had been a pizza-makin' dog in the dream!

jima @ 03/30/2004 09:48 AM CST

I remember Zeke. Freaky.

Doug @ 03/30/2004 12:32 PM CST

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