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Due Friday, for work: A 3500-word article on research, plus four sidebars, quoting possibly 11 sources, all of whom have to approve their quotes (because we at my work are not journalists but whores!) before publication.

Due Thursday, for school: A paper on lobbying (lobbying!), plus this week's reading, which consists partly of two 60ish-page IRS regulation booklets.

So it's gonna be quiet around here, is what I'm saying. But tell me, how are you?

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Spring, tra-la. My colleague the psychiatric nurse practitioner, who knows a lot about stress, recommends very, VERY large doses of B complex and with folic acid. A little Mountain Goats probably wouldn't hurt either.

elavil @ 04/06/2004 07:10 AM CST

Oh, I'm taking extra B these days. I've got the bright yellow pee to prove it (just in case, you know, anybody wants me to prove it).

amyc @ 04/06/2004 07:31 PM CST

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