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Why do his handlers even let him speak?

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April 6, 2004  |  EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) -- President Bush has a penchant for dishing out good-natured insults, and usually the victim laughs along. But Sammie Briery didn't seem much amused when Bush fired one at her Tuesday.

Bush was wrapping up a town hall-style appearance at South Arkansas Community College when he let the jest fly. It was a mother joke, a blonde joke and an insult all in one.

"You and my mother go to the same hair-dye person," Bush said to Briery, whose blondish bob bore little resemblance to Barbara Bush's shock of white hair.

The audience in the gymnasium laughed, and Briery smiled, but replied firmly: "President Bush, I'm a natural blonde."

"Oh, yes," Bush agreed.

"I'm just a natural blonde," she repeated.

"I couldn't help myself, sorry," Bush shrugged.

With that, Bush moved quickly to end the session. He turned to Bob Watson, superintendent of the El Dorado Public Schools -- who had opened the meeting by inadvertently insulting Bush.

"Governor -- excuse me, President," Watson said.

Bush muttered, "How quickly they forget."

When Watson offered to shake Bush's hand, the president shot back: "Just don't hug me."

Replies: 6 Confessions

damn you Salon Premium. yes, i really should subscribe, but i hate paying for something like that....oh well, maybe some other time.

miss ellen @ 04/07/2004 06:02 PM CST

ah, i found it through google news - what a doofus. and, that doofus is running our country?! great.

miss ellen @ 04/07/2004 06:04 PM CST

Sorry -- I didn't realize the news feeds on Salon were premium as well.

But what is a "hair-dye person" anyway?

amyc @ 04/07/2004 06:58 PM CST

Par for the country-club golf course. Of COURSE that jackass couldn't go to Arkansas without being not only his usual dullard self, but also, he couldn't HELP but be the snot-nosed frat-brat silver-spoon-up-his-nose ASSHOLE that he really is... he doesn't know any other way. "Compassionate Conservative..." Oxy, meet moron. If that elitist fucktard is "compassionate," then I'm Kate Moss. And as far as his spending goes, I think he blew that one out of the water before he took the election and then took the oath (in vain).

Joanna aka Anntichrist Coulter @ 04/07/2004 10:15 PM CST

what a pigfucker
I can't get my Aussie citizenship quick enough.

amy @ 04/08/2004 03:44 AM CST

No no! He IS compassionate! Please, you have to understand this. He is a compassionate narcissist.

Sybel @ 04/20/2004 01:36 AM CST

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