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With all the stress and the sick and the busy, it's been a long time since Mr. Jimmie and I had a lively night out with pals. So I was thrilled to get an invite to the birthday shindig of Mr. Huff-n-stuff. I had such a great time wandering the galleries of Pilsen with the birthday boy, Cinnamon, Phineas, Weezie, Christian, Lacey, Alex and his lady friend (whose name I can't recall), Brenda, Alice, and Naz. We saw some art. We cleared the sidewalk for a congregation performing the Stations of the Cross in Spanish, complete with altar boys carrying a plaster pieta on a litter. We followed faithfully as Naz repeatedly led us into traffic to hit the best galleries (Stations of the Naz). We went to the Skylark and ate baskets of tater tots with three (3) dipping sauces. Jim got some photos. I feel certain that some of the other attendees will post theirs as well, and perhaps scan in the results of the photo booth experiments.

Also, Cinnamon and I made some extremely preliminary plans for the next DIY Trunk Show, including possibly doubling our exhibit space and subsequently doubling the number of vendors, before freaking ourselves right out about the possibility of coordinating a show with 75 or 80 booths. (Well, we still have some time to figure stuff out and enlist help.)

We were out until midnight (so very past our bedtime), living it up with lovely people -- a perfect way to undo the damage of a shitty week.

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