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I wanted to spend this morning bowling. Our favorite bowling alley is being smashed to bits at the end of next month to make room for -- surprise!!! -- more condos. And bowling seems like a good way to celebrate the holiday (the pins fall down, then rise again eternally. It is a mystery), but we figured people probably had "family plans" and whatall, so I think we'll plan the final Marigold Breakfast Bowl for another Sunday.

So instead Jim and I took in another matinee at The Music Box. Yesterday, we saw "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (sob!). Today: "A Day at the Races"! I was expecting the usual Marx Brothers flick -- slapstick hilarity and sexual innuendo interrupted only by a long, dull musical interlude designed to make Chico and Harpo feel good about themselves. And "A Day at the Races" certainly holds no surprises in those departments. The whole shanty-town segment, with its bug-eyed "happy darkies" doing the Lindy while the Brothers M sport blackface...well, that was a bit of a surprise. Jim and I just sat there, astonished and wincing.

Moving on. Everyone's seen the Burger King Subservient Chicken thing, right, where you get to dom a guy in a chicken suit and garters? (I got no response to typing in "do the hustle," but chicken-man did a very lifelike prayer when I said "praise Jesus.") Anyway, some genius programmer type should do a Subservient Dylan site, with Mr. Tambourine Man dolled up in wings and panties like his co-star in those commercials. Make him do degrading things (if that's still even possible)! That's my free idea for the world. Run with it!

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I don't get Bob Dylan. Everyone around here talks like he's god, but all he did was basically rip off true traditionalists like Woody Guthrie and the Weavers until he found a way to get rich. He made such a big deal over not doing commercials when he was younger and it looked good to be an idealist. But now, what looks really great is a whole lot of money and young women prancing about in their underpants.

Ann V. @ 04/12/2004 02:48 PM CST

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