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Every day
we earn our meager pay
But it takes its toll
to play the happy prole.

They buy your labor, try to steal your soul -
Bite the bullet, hold your tongue and play the happy prole.

Paranoid and tired
quit before you're fired.
But they've got you in the hole,
so you play the happy prole.

You need the money so you got to play it dumb,
but if you play it long enough it's just what you become.

Pay your rent, pay your bills,
pay the doctor for your pills
So you can work another day,
as life slips away.


Replies: 4 Confessions

oh maam.

another great fuck the man song is le tigre's TGIF:

(Intro skit) Don't fuck with me I'm the fuckin manager! And don't forget your fuckin daily planners. You better write down everything you accomplish. And lemme see your fuckin smile around the office. You "grrrls" look tired were you out late last night? I heard you were some kind of underground electro feminist performance artists. Is that right?
In five years you won't remember getting fired or whatever and until then and forever I'm proud to be associated with you. I know 40 hours a week would suit you fine but your application's been denied, surprise! This is how it feels to be free. Turn around, turn around, turn around and take a look at the crowd and say: It's okay to hate your job after all it's fucking wrong. Turn around, turn around turn around and take a look at the crowd. You know, all my friends are fucking bitches best known for burning bridges. Do you need a character witness? I said I'm proud to be associated with you. When I look around, I see your face in the crowd. I see the girls are out, a lot of freaks in the house. Le Tigre family and friends, I hope this feeling never ends cuz you're beautiful and your boss is an asshole and I don't give a shit what that dick thinks. We will survive as thieve we will survive as freaks. Turn around, turn around turn around and take a look at the crowd..... I think it looks all right we got friend in sigh yeah tomorrow we fight so let's have fun tonight..... Turn around, turn around....

silly as it sounds, I played this album over and over and over when I was sorting out quitting Abbott and taking pre-reqs for a degree, program, I wasn't even accepted to.

and now that I know I am accepted to a master's of nursing, I stuck dumb by people telling me they are happy/proud/behind me.

so, I am proud of you for taking your grad school classes in non-profit orgs. I am proud of you for not killing your asshole boss. I will cheer when you tell him in razor sharp, so sharp he doesn't even know he has been sliced, words he can fuck right off cuz you got better things in your future.

shechemist @ 04/16/2004 03:50 PM CST

Awww, thanks! Someday soon I will cut my boss with my razor-sharp words!

amyc @ 04/17/2004 12:02 PM CST

Thats great. I am contemplating printing a copy and placing it prominently in my cubicle. I wonder what would happen if I did that...

Phadre @ 04/17/2004 02:40 PM CST

Just buy the record and play it loud all day long -- you won't have to worry about working in the cube much longer, Phadre!

amyc @ 04/17/2004 09:30 PM CST

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