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I wear cotton t-shirts year-round, with everything. This makes my wardrobe boring, but it makes shopping a breeze -- I just pick a style of cotton shirt, find my size and nab one in 2 or 3 colors I like. The easiest place to do this every year was the Gap or J. Crew. But I'm trying to avoid the slave-made goods now. So hooray for American Apparel, the sweatshop-free shirtery with its factory in LA. I knew they made shirts for bulk orders (for screen printing and logos and stuff), but I found out recently you can order single shirts from them as well. So a couple weeks ago, I went staple shopping at their online store. I picked up two long-sleeved v-necks (white and black), two short-sleeved v-necks (black and white) and a standard-issue jersey t-shirt (gray). Total cost for 5 shirts: $91, plus shipping. About the same price as the Gap, really. And about the same quality -- the shirts feel sturdy and soft and will probably hold up to a few years of heavy use. My only complaint is that the white shirts are a bit on the thin side, so there are some mild transparency issues. But I'm definitely going to order more soon. Maybe some tank tops for summer.

Another recent acquisition: More Bad Kitten Soap. Bad Kitten-man Mark Smithivas gave me a free bar of Orange Tabby (scented with orange and vetiver oils) after the DIY Trunk Show last year and I loved it inordinately. Since it ran out, I've been pestering him for more, but -- alas -- he lost the Orange Tabby recipe. Last week he sent me two bars from a re-created version of the recipe, and they are quite nice (although a little different from the original). Spicy and woodsy, but with grapefruity undertones. E-mail him, and he'll send you a free bar, because he is a good man.

And last but not least, my new Best Thing Ever: I found myself a new nun doll at Uncle Fun recently. And not just any nun, mind you. This one is special. Aside from having a horrifying face that looks like it was carved from a shellacked potato, this doll was commissioned by Richard Simmons. And when I say Richard Simmons, I mean RICHARD FUCKING SIMMONS! The sweaty little man in the fruity little shorts! He collects dolls! And he had his favorite dollmaker create a line of dolls for the public to buy! Including this freaky-faced nun! And I bought one! I'm Sweatin' to the Rosary, people!

God. I don't even know if it gets any better than this.

Replies: 10 Confessions

Um, are total strangers allowed to comment? I hope so. I wanted to say, this is a funny and really interesting site.

So_Clematis @ 04/24/2004 03:09 PM CST

Well, you're certainly allowed to comment if you're going to say nice stuff like that!

amyc @ 04/24/2004 05:52 PM CST

What if I just like shootin' my mouth off about stuff I don't know? Them nuclear reactors is funny!

jima @ 04/24/2004 07:19 PM CST

Please, don't make fun of Richard. Some of us oldies like to sweat with Richard.

Mom C @ 04/24/2004 09:13 PM CST

oooh, good site for the shirts! That link's going on my faves list, since it's such a pain in the ass trying to find decent v-neck shirts. My dad'll like it too--he only wears American-made stuff cos the chemicals they use in some countries irritate his skin.

frida @ 04/25/2004 06:47 AM CST

This just in on Richard Simmons:
(sorry Mom C)

the other amy @ 04/25/2004 04:13 PM CST

Slappy fight!

amyc @ 04/25/2004 04:59 PM CST

oh, one more thing...can you get Bonds t-shirts in Chicago? They rock! and on top of that they are made totally in Australia:
if you send me your sizes I can ship some your way.
I'm sitting here in a red v-neck cotton t-shirt. oh so comfy.

the other amy @ 04/25/2004 08:55 PM CST

Ok, so I just revisted the Bonds web site and found out that they do some production outside of AUstralia. oops. sorry.

the other amy (again) @ 04/25/2004 08:59 PM CST

Yes you could buy bonds at
TSL. I purchase lots of these
Bonds T shirs. Goto WWW.TSL.COM.AU
and also try
They too sell to Canadians or
Americans I guess?

Matt @ 04/05/2005 04:32 PM CST

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