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They have much to teach us:

Genetically, humans and bonobos, a species of chimpanzee, are more than 98 percent similar. Socially, it is another matter. Matriarchal as a rule, bonobos eschew conflict. They do not fight over territory. They do not kill. Any small friction they resolve through sexual contact: a playful rub, oral sex, full intercourse.


"It's the hippies of the forest," Ms. André said, taking their wrinkled hairy hands in hers. "When they feel anxious, when they are afraid, they have sex. And they calm down."

Sadly, things are not going well for the love monkeys. Read.

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Maybe the bonobos are the missing link, except that they've already passed humans up in the evolutionary race.

Anntichrist Coulter @ 05/04/2004 09:58 AM CST

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