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It does not look like the picture.

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hummm....what photo? what hair?

shechemist @ 05/06/2004 01:57 PM CST

A. The photo I brought with me to the salon.

B. The hair on my head. (Get yr mind out of the gutter, girlie!)

amyc @ 05/06/2004 03:30 PM CST

oh no. not again. [1] this scares me. tomorrow I am getting my hairs cut and *holds breath* maybe my streaks redone and colored PINK after swearing up an down that I wasn't going to let bleach touch my hair again.

[1] this did happen a year or so ago or am I confusing you with someone else.

shechemist @ 05/06/2004 04:34 PM CST

ps. I am trying to resubscribe to TT. I signed on tuesday afternoon and after an e-mail and 3 phone calls it turns out that MaryBeth needs to spend several days ritualistically cleansing her self, meditating on her power animal and manually reordering bit of the database with an electron fucking microscope while chanting. I might have access by tomorrow. Tomorrow when I will be too busy getting ready to leave town for 2 weeks to fitter away and virtually tail sniff (and getting sniffed) everyone I havenít communicated with in 5 months. Bah. What ever happened to instant fucking gratification?

shechemist @ 05/06/2004 04:42 PM CST

Yay! Welcome back to TT!

amyc @ 05/06/2004 05:43 PM CST

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