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So, I've been registering voters in my spare time, and I've done this in every election year since 1996. And every single time I go out with my clipboards and forms, at least a dozen people pause mid-form to ask me what county they live in. I can kind of understand if you just moved here from another state, like yesterday. But if you moved from one part of Chicago to another? If you've lived here for years? I honestly don't think you should be trusted with a ballot, because you are dumb. How can people not know what county they live in?

It's Cook, people. You live in Cook County. Heard of it?


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Another data point; polling related:

Felix Deutsch @ 09/07/2004 09:34 AM CST

Cheer up! Someday, you'll run into someone who doesn't know what *country* they're in, and the county people will seem like small potatoes.

Jessi Guilford @ 09/07/2004 10:52 AM CST

I, *ahem*, am guilty of this. I know it's Cook but I always forget and have to ask to be reminded. I've been here 7 years and I don't know why I can't remember.

Cinnamon @ 09/07/2004 12:09 PM CST

The other day we were flipping around on the channels and came across a game show (Dog Eat Dog? Summat like that, anyway) and the politics question was "Who was both Vice President and President of the United States, even though he had never been elected to any office."

"Um... Colin Powell?"


Miriam @ 09/08/2004 08:56 AM CST

Chester Alan Arthur?

Huh? @ 09/09/2004 11:22 PM CST

Wait! I know this one -- it's Jesus, right?

amyc @ 09/10/2004 06:54 AM CST

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