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1. Accounting sucks.

2. Accountancy is a land where language has been stripped of meaning. Debits can be good, and credits can be bad, and restricted expenses can be completely unrestricted! And just when you think you understand these new definitions, they switch 'em on you! Because accountants are devious people who blow smoke into the hive of your mind to keep your mental bees confused and docile.

3. And, according to a classmate who works for the Shedd Aquarium, you can finance a shark, but you cannot depreciate a whale.

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I hate to sound pollyanish, but maybe it's an opportunity to quash the arguments of those who think government is a business, and who also think things like healthcare and education should be privatized.

Reducing the quality of people's lives to the inhuman factors of short term revenues and expenses makes me cringe.

Matt @ 09/11/2004 05:52 PM CST

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