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A member of the audience pulls a demonstrator's hair as he forces her out of an auditorium where President Bush was addressing a crowd of supporters at Byers Choice in Colmar, Pa.

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And, if you liked that, you'll love this little slideshow from NBC10. My comments here.

Smerp! @ 09/13/2004 09:18 AM CST

Whoa, crazy

Allen @ 09/13/2004 11:44 AM CST

Remember the good old days when that jackass would have been arrested for assaulting that woman?

Debbie @ 09/14/2004 06:54 PM CST

Remember when that guy would have been a member of the Chicago police force?
Remember Richard J. Daley saying, "The police are not here to create disorder; the police are here to preserve disorder"?

elavil @ 09/15/2004 07:48 AM CST

he looks like he's enjoying it, doesn't he?

amy beth @ 09/15/2004 02:22 PM CST

is there any way to find out who this asshole so this woman can file a civil case against him? I mean his face is all over the net now...

the other amy @ 09/15/2004 05:04 PM CST

Even if they DO identify the prick, like they have with that Scott Robinson (The Woman-Kicker from the RNC), they probably won't lift a finger against the bastard. Certainly not in DumbyaLand. 'Cause after all, us wimmenfolk oughter be at home, cookin' & spawnin'.

Anntichrist S. Coulter @ 09/17/2004 09:32 PM CST

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