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Another Ramone has died.

Replies: 3 Confessions

Yeah, but it was Johnny, and he's the fucking Republican who sold-out Dee Dee and Joey before they were even COLD, for fucking AT&T commercials!!!!!!

I hope that Dee Dee & Joey are kicking his ass right now.

Anntichrist S. Coulter @ 09/17/2004 09:27 PM CST

Sometimes party affiliation doesn't matter. Like when someone dies at 55 of cancer.

amyc @ 09/18/2004 08:50 AM CST

Well, hope you don't think I'm cold, but, I've lived 33 years in Louisiana. "Cancer" just isn't the skeery boogie-man that it is in the other 49, when you grow up in CANCER ALLEY.

There are worse things that could have happened to Johnny. He could be Terry Schiavo.

Anntichrist S. Coulter @ 10/02/2004 03:27 PM CST

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