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Wise, fightin' words from Tom Tomorrow:

Look, a lot of people want you to believe that if Bush pulls ahead 7/8ths of a point, it means that he's got the election sewn up and you might as well stay home on election day because there's really no point in bothering. They want you to believe that because a certain sequence of events has occurred in the past, there's no possible way Bush can lose now. They want you to believe that because liberals do not worship Kerry with the unconditional unthinking adoration conservatives seem to have for Bush, the outcome of the election is predetermined.

It's all bollocks, of course. Republicans just want to psyche you out. They want you to think they can't be defeated. They want you to doubt yourself, to stumble, to give up. But there are way too many variables at play. Iraq, the economy, terrorism--it's a confluence of events which hasn't come together like this before. We're in uncharted territory.

The future hasn't been written yet. Don't forget that.

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One second, I was pretty sure I *had* pre-programmed the output of the electronic voting machines.

Is this a sign I should double-check?

Josh Narins @ 09/28/2004 01:08 PM CST

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