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Progress in the War on Terror

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Cartoon reminds me of a story about Mulla Nasrudin (stop me if you've heard this one before).
A man is walking home one night very late and he sees Mulla Nasrudin crawling around in the parkway under the streetlight. "Mulla!" he says, "What's the matter?"
Mulla Nasrudin says, "I lost my keys."
The two of them crawl around in the grass on the parkway for about an hour and finally the man says, "Mulla, we have looked and looked and we have found lots of things but not your keys. Are you sure this is where you dropped them?"
"No," says the Mulla. "I dropped them over there, next to the front steps, in the bushes."
The man asks, "Then why are we looking for them here?"
"Because here the light is better."

elavil @ 09/28/2004 08:22 AM CST

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