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Where am I? What the fuck is wrong with this place?

Oh, forget it. I know.

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Clinton/Obama 2008!

the other amy @ 11/03/2004 02:42 PM CST

On the one hand, I feel your pain. Well, in fact, I feel my own pain, which is substantial. This country doesn't support my views, or maybe even me. But this is a democracy and the other guys won, so my plan is to suck it up, or possibly to move to France,one or the other.

elavil @ 11/03/2004 06:39 PM CST

Bummed, bummed, bummed. If this country can't elect Kerry in 2004, I don't think there's a chance in hell that H. Clinton will be elected in 2008. I got choked up when Kerry conceded this morning. Don't move to France; if we all take off, this place will really suck. Sucks, sucks, sucks.

Rosemarie @ 11/04/2004 04:48 AM CST

I'm not leaving. This may be "democracy," but this is not democracy's finest hour -- re-electing a profoundly undemocratic regime out of fear, greed, and bigotry.

But maybe this is the low point we needed to get to to finally stop the party from being wimpy-ass cooperators with evil. I'm sorry we lost the SD Senate seat, but I'm really not sorry to see Tom Daschle out on his ass. We get nothing from cooperating with this administration, and we need to stop letting the conservative wing of the party have all the power. If Barack Obama can win 75% of the vote in every part of a state as diverse yet generally conservative as this one, there's obviously a hunger for more progressive candidates, not DLC-style "lite" Republicans.

amyc @ 11/04/2004 07:08 AM CST

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