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Last night, in the space of just 75 minutes, I heard:

Bone Machine
Gouge Away
In Heaven (Kim Deal, vocals)
Where Is My Mind?
Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
Crackity Jones
Something Against You
Broken Face
Isla de Encanta
Mr. Grieves
River Euphrates
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Wave of Mutilation
#13 Baby
Head On
Here Comes Your Man

It was a relentless sonic assault. No banter or tuning time, just one furious song after another. Aside from a genius slowed-down, hillbilly-funk version of Nimrod's Son, they played most of their songs album-style, Black Francis' shredded yowls intact after all these years. I tried to ration my non-earplug time to just the songs I absolutely had to hear unimpeded (Caribou, yes. Mr. Grieves, not so much), but about halfway through the set, I just gave up and let the noise wash over me, ringing ears be damned. Totally worth it.

They didn't play my favorite Pixies song (Subbaculcha), but I was so pleased that they closed with an extended Gigantic (Extended Gigantic! Sounds a bit rude!) -- when I saw them in 92, about 10 minutes before they broke up, Kim didn't get to sing at all. This time, everyone on stage seemed to be having a good time bringing rock music to the people. And the people were pretty cool about it -- there was a lot less audience-assholishness at this show than at most shows I go to. Nobody spilled beer on me or yelled lyrics over the band or talked loudly through the set. The only distraction was the one woman near me who spent the evening possessed by fits of either ecstasy or narcissism, constantly writhing and flailing and shouting "WOOOOOO!" with her devil-horn hands thrust in the air, calling attention to herself in a most un-indie-rock way. But I couldn't even work up much loathing for her -- I was having too much fun.

Replies: 2 Confessions

And that crazy woman turned out to be .......


jima @ 11/19/2004 04:56 PM CST

Too bad you weren't at the Tuesday show. They played Subbacultcha -- but they didn't play Holiday Song. :(

Alex @ 11/22/2004 09:12 PM CST

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