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Hey, parents! It's not too soon to teach your kids to be earth-raping assholes!

I saw a commercial for this over the weekend. The ad even features little Bratleigh and Snotleigh flattening the garden greenery in their toy blood-for-oil-mobile. You might think it's a satire, a clever jab at those commercials featuring SUV drivers who "get back to nature" by grinding it under their wheels, a statement against pushing our children into lifestyles of mindless and dangerous consumerism. But you would be wrong.

Sigh. Why do I hate America?

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I was also surprised while shopping on Black Friday in rural Ohio to see little camo outfits for a 4-5 year-old boy that said "Gitmo soldier" on the t-shirt, complete with barbed wire and barking dog straining against a leash being held by a supah-buff soldier.

At least it said "Suppor the Troops" on the sleeve.

Cinnamon @ 11/30/2004 04:24 PM CST

Please tell me you're kidding. Please.

amyc @ 12/01/2004 07:21 AM CST

Nope. Almost bought just to scan it in and post it on my blog. Damn me for not having a camera on me at all times.

Cinnamon @ 12/01/2004 02:27 PM CST

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