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Phil Crane, dickhead:

With his 35-year congressional career coming to a close, Rep. Phil Crane (R-Ill.) is leaving government after a defeat he never saw coming and with such a sour taste over his loss that he has yet to speak to his opponent.

After a bitter election that was almost entirely a referendum on Crane's service, his office has not offered his Democratic successor, Melissa Bean, any transition assistance, including the transfer of files she would need to smoothly carry out services for constituents. Such help is a common courtesy that outgoing congressmen typically afford those who take their place, regardless of how nasty the race had been.

But Crane said the thought of losing never occurred to him before Election Day, and he considers Bean's attacks on his record during the campaign completely unfair, even though some Republicans had complained for years that he was inattentive to his job.

"It was maybe a referendum on me, but it wasn't an accurate referendum. She was making allegations that were not correct, and that's disturbing," he said.

Crane never called Bean to concede the election, and her spokesman, Brian Herman, said the incoming congresswoman waited in vain to hear from Crane's staff for several weeks about the transition. Finally, Herman said, Bean aides wrote to their counterparts on Crane's staff seeking information regarding ongoing business in the northwest suburban 8th District.

"We're trying not to be aggressive and give them the time they need to close their office, but we also have to keep in mind there are constituents that need to be attended to," Herman said.

A Crane spokeswoman said his office received Bean's letter only Thursday, but the staff does not intend to respond. Even if it did, she said, Crane has already shut down his constituent-service operation.

Yeesh, what a baby! Can you imagine the fury and bloviating that would fill the airwaves if a Democrat pulled this sort of tantrum?

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