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So, is it finally over, this trial that the media has been cramming down our throats for almost two years now? (Well, of course not -- I'm sure there will be swarms of reporters covering the inevitable appeal.)

I have no idea why this tragedy became worthy of national news coverage, other than that the victim was an adorable white woman with dimples and shiny hair, and that it was almost Christmas. The media spotlight has done nothing for all the other women killed by their partners since Laci Peterson died. The leading cause of death for pregnant women -- even the ones who aren't cute enough to occupy the national imagination for months on end -- is still homicide. Where's their 24-hour news coverage? No, the media and the nation of pathetic strangers who followed this trial like a soap opera or a reality show and picked teams to root for will continue to milk this horrible event as a crime-of-the-century isolated incident, just like the OJ trial, and no national dialogue about domestic violence will develop from it. And the spectators will convince themselves that Scott Peterson's death sentence means "justice has been served."

Not even close.

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