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I took yesterday and today off, just to have some time to relax before all the holiday madness sets in. Time off is good. Between the election work and the Trunk Show and my actual work and school and Thanksgiving, I had pretty much worn my sanity down to a nub by the end of November. So once I checked off all those boxes, I promised myself I wouldn't take on any more little projects (which always end up being not so little) for six months. Even when I was vaguely offered the chance to be temporary volunteer coordinator at the theatrical concern where I volunteer, which would have been cool, I said no.

My first weekend of relative freedom after the Trunk Show was spent in a panic that I wasn't spending my free time effectively, that I was wasting it and there would never be any more and oh my god somebody please give me a list of things to do so I can enjoy my weekend in the most efficient manner! Then it got better.

With holiday time and a few strategically placed personal days, I'm not going to have to work more than four days in a row for the next four weeks, which seems like a nice way to round out a very stressful year. I'm reading for pleasure and not just for school, I'm watching a bunch of DVDs I've been wanting to see for a while, I'm taking the occasional nap, and I still have plenty of time to hang out with Mr. Jimmie and go to parties with friends -- it's excellent.

I'm dreading Xmas, because I always dread Xmas, with all the crappy music and flashing lights and empty materialism and mandatory merriment and shit, and last week I had a complete hippie-style "my stuff owns me, man!" freakout and wanted desperately not to participate in any of the usual holiday bullshit this year. But I'm easing up about that a little. Because, hey, holidays mean more time off!

So, yeah. What's up with you?

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hey! we should have breakfast/lunch one of the days you are taking off.

what is up with me? Today I am biking to andersonville to put the deposit down on a reception site. EEEEKKKKKK.

shechemist @ 12/15/2004 10:53 AM CST

Yeah, let's have some lunch or something! Drop me a line.

And congrats on the reception site. It's a lovely place. I saw Molly Ivins do a reading/signing there last year.

amyc @ 12/16/2004 06:44 AM CST

Not sure if you are checking the backlogs but you know, I've been away. If you are still reading for pleasure, try "The Hills at Home," by Nancy Clark. Advertised as a "domestic comedy of manners," it is funny and tart and entirely not mean. A fine companion to the Richard Russo on your shelf.
PS My email still works.

elavil @ 12/20/2004 08:28 AM CST

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