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Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

I've just read in the news that you are endorsing Tim Roemer as the new leader of the Democratic National Committee. I am utterly disappointed that a pro-choice woman who won her office through the support of other pro-choice women would sell us out to support an anti-choice leader of the Democratic Party. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Democrats are trying to help the Republicans demonize reproductive rights! The way to win elections and fight for progressive values is not to cave in to a handful of noisy, self-appointed moralists in the Republican party and let them tell us what direction our own party should take! By running away from the philosophies at the core of the party, you're not creating a "big tent" -- you're sending a message that what we believe is wrong and that it should be changed.

President Bush announced today that he will try to push through 20 judicial nominees that were rejected by Democrats in his last term. Although he claims he has no litmus test for judges, it seems really unlikely that Bush will support the nomination of any judges who believe women have the right to an abortion, which means the courts under Bush will become packed with anti-choice conservatives for a generation or more. That the Democratic Party leadership would even consider making this man's job easier is appalling and frightening. It's bad enough that Harry Reid, another anti-choice Democrat, is leading our party in the Senate. Being led by TWO men who don't support a woman's right to choose is a slap in the face to all the pro-choice voters who helped build this party.

Please reconsider your support for Tim Roemer, and support a pro-choice leader for the DNC.


Amy Carlton
Chicago, IL

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