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Fashionably late to the obligatory year-end recap/new year's resolution post...

Man, 2004 was a rough year, hurtling me (and most other folks I know) around like an un-seat-belted ride on a malfunctioning emotional roller coaster operated by a strung-out, sadistic carny. Or something.

For each time last year that I really believed I was Doing Something Important and Making a Difference (voter registration, canvassing for Obama, co-organizing the Trunk Show, volunteering, donating to my favorite causes) there were a hundred moments of being consumed by utter, screaming-into-the-void helplessness (the wars, the election, Darfur, AIDS, the tsunami).

I have a lot of little resolutions lined up for 2005, like eating better and exercising more, not stressing out about bullshit, making more time for friends and creative endeavors and such. I just want to focus a little more, waste less time, be a good person more often than not. Going over my list, I think the theme for this year is going to be to ignore the helplessness as much as possible and just do what I can.

So, here's to 2005! Let's lower our expectations and try to make it out alive!

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