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iPod timewasting fun from Pandagon. I don't actually have an iPod because I suck, but I do have iTunes, and these are the ten random songs that popped up for me:

Love Cuts the Strings - Mountain Goats
Oceans in the Hall - ladybug transistor
Someday Someway - Marshall Crenshaw
Dig a Pony - Them Beatles
Rocky Racoon - Them Beatles, again!
It's Like That - Run-DMC
Memo from the Desk of the Quails - the Quails
Hello Rain - the Softies
Secondary Modern - Elvis Costello
Squeezebox Days - the Murmurs

Hmmm. Am I an old hippie or a young lesbian? (I am large, I contain multitudes)

Replies: 2 Confessions

yeah where did you find that song by the murmurs(squeezebox days)?

Ashley @ 05/18/2005 03:37 PM CST

The soundtrack to the movie All Over Me.

Amy C @ 05/19/2005 09:26 PM CST

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