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That's why Bush wants to destroy it.

When I saw Molly Ivins speak a couple years ago, she said the most dangerous thing about Bush and his asshole friends is that they have no concept of the common good. They simply do not grasp how something can be valuable if it's not profitable. All these fuckers understand is money, which is their philosophy behind their nasty little wars-on-the-cheap, Social Security "reform" and the continued attempts to kill public education.

I hate these people.

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In the next month, I am going to be starting a major letter writing campaign to save Amtrak. It's just ridiculous. Every country in the world subsidizes their train systems, but we would rather subsidizes the airlines - because they waste more fuel and are much worse on the environment. Down with Bush (but that goes without saying)!

Ann V. @ 02/04/2005 11:51 AM CST

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