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I have my own checking account. Apparently Bobo thinks this prevents Jim and I from having an "unconditional union of souls," and we are to blame for the collapse of society. (Wait 'til he finds out we don't have kids! We are so selfish!)

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At some point, I dream that you will be CREDITED with the collapse of society. But with regard to your comment...

well, now, Kate & I do a lot of work with couples and this issue of the money always comes up. We've seen that couples who don't want to merge finances are usually not facing up to some underlying trust/judgement issue. Of course that's not always the case for couples who keep separate check books just because they are bad about communicating their purchases to one another and would bounce checks otherwise.

So, which is is for you? Compensating for sloth or fear of facing your relationship demons?

Doug @ 03/01/2005 03:13 PM CST

Oh, Doug, you know it's just because I'm uppity!

Seriously, though. We created a joint account for household expenses when we moved in together (which we contribute to equally), and then we each have our own checking accounts for our own personal stuff. Why use communal funds to pay MY Visa bill or student loans? That doesn't seem fair, and I am all about the equality, baby!

Also, sloth.

Amy C @ 03/01/2005 04:12 PM CST

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