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Every night this week, my head has been filled with odd dreams (remind me to tell you about the one where I was being sent to Warsaw for work, or the one about how I was trying to get Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards back together by driving them around in my car and letting them have sex in the back seat). But last night's proves, I think, that I need to lay off the blogs before bedtime.

I dreamed that Joe Lieberman was going to run for president again, and he wanted to improve his standing with women voters. So he changed his slogan to "Lieberman Means Lover-Man!" And in every interview he would yell, "Lieberman means Lover-man! I'm a lover!" in his Dr. Zoidberg voice. Sadly, my dream featured no Zogby polling to indicate whether this strategy was working for him.

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That's..That's.. sick. I love it.

hylander @ 03/10/2005 07:17 PM CST


I think you should write to him, and encourage him to do just that. That would rock!

Miriam @ 03/13/2005 04:49 PM CST

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