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In the U.S. media coverage of today's massive anti-government demonstrations in Beirut, none of the reports I've read dismiss the turnout as insignificant or make insinuations about the protestors and their goals by deliberately noting things like hair color (be it purple and spiky or gray and ponytailed) or clothing. None of the reporters singled out the weirdest-looking people in the crowd to give rambling quotes that were presented as representative of the entire group (come on -- someone in Beirut today must have been dressed like a turtle!). There are no snide indications that people taking to the streets for a cause they believe is right--even if they stand against their government--are fringe-dwellers, throwbacks, fools, idiots, or traitors. Apparently massive street protests are a healthy sign of a burgeoning democracy...if they happen in Lebanon.

It's just interesting, is all I'm saying.

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Nicely put.

Smerp! @ 03/15/2005 09:32 AM CST

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