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Blogger, web designer, and all around cool guy Naz had an accident on Sunday. While riding his bike downtown, he hit a rut in the road and went over the handlebars, breaking some teeth, spraining his hand, and -- most frighteningly -- giving his noggin a severe jostling. Several x-rays, CAT scans, and days in the hospital later, he's at home recovering.

Naz is a busy guy, with a band and a web design concern and a whole bunch of interesting projects to fill his days. He works his ass off. Unfortunately, because Naz does not have the "right" kind of job, he doesn't have health insurance, so this little spill is going to set him back several thousand bucks. Because God Bless America and free health care is the work of angry devils and socialists, or something.

If you know Naz or love Naz or just want to help a great guy who had a very bad day, donate a little dough to work-at-weightshift-dot-net.

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checked out this site for the first time and was walking around your site and finally had to set a couple pennies on the table for my thoughts after reading this post. i understand that your political approach leans to the left (which is your free right), but i do wonder what some of your deeper, foundational values are?... where do they "come" from?... your ranting about the sciavo/florida case and this story about naz has brought up a seemingly interesting conflict. you ask the (government i assume?) to provide FREE heathcare (as if doctors and hospitals offer their services just because they love people?) when you slam the same government for getting involved in a very difficult healthcare (life and death) issue. me thinks you do not have a very well thought out overview on how things work. forgive me, but i smell a liberal-minded person who wants the society to "take care of us" until it wants to do something you personally disagree with. your distaste for bush (and i assume any other "evil" republican), seems a bit close- minded. i guess (by default) clinton and any other "angelic" democrat ran a utopia? some presidents have strong beliefs and others do not... which do you think did and didn't? i must assume that your position on abortion is that you're completely ok with it? (just a wild guess) it's your right to for sure. you probably want the government out of the life of individuals, until they need it (like FREE healthcare), then they need to run to our side. there's no such thing as a free heathcare system. the payments are made with money from SOMEwhere... are you ok with a significant rise in taxes to pay for everyone who will not or cannot? i assume yes? let me say that i am not because i do not want a an ever-growing government that gets evermore involved to where it is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet for example... (wait a minute... that's already here!). please take some more time to think past the rhetoric and see some of the bigger picture. i hope naz is going to be better soon and that the donations come in to help him get stable financially very soon. peaceful regards, ron

wotrwokr @ 03/24/2005 10:21 AM CST

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