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No, not an al Qaeda operative -- the Christian/woman-hating/cop-killing white guy who bombed two abortion clinics, a lesbian bar, and the Atlanta Olympics.

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He confessed in a plea deal. He doesn't get the death penalty (see he *is* pro-life after all. *smirk*) in exchange for the location of another frigging bomb this nutbar planted in a public place and the location of some explosives he buried in the middle of nowhere when he was on the run.

I would like to know why he thought the Olympics was a good target. That one still baffles me.

shechemist @ 04/09/2005 02:58 PM CST

All those bloody foreigners would be at the Olyimpics, and you know they are are what's wrong with America. Well them and the liberals and know....

the other amy @ 04/09/2005 05:13 PM CST

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