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Hey, it turns out the hundreds of people arrested in NYC at the Republican National Convention might not have been a bloodthirsty horde of skull-smashing anarchists after all!

A sprawling body of visual evidence, made possible by inexpensive, lightweight cameras in the hands of private citizens, volunteer observers and the police themselves, has shifted the debate over precisely what happened on the streets during the week of the convention.

For Mr. Kyne and 400 others arrested that week, video recordings provided evidence that they had not committed a crime or that the charges against them could not be proved, according to defense lawyers and prosecutors.

How long before they update the Patriot Act to outlaw using video cameras in public places?

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Something quite similar happened to some of my colleagues attending the NIH National Institute for Nursing Research State of the Science conference in DC a couple of years ago, except of course they weren't even protesting, they were just strolling in the same park with some protesters.

elavil @ 04/12/2005 09:17 AM CST

I remember that. One of my pals was among the 800 or so folks arrested for "shutting down Lake Shore Drive" in that big protest the day after the war started, even though they never got anywhere near Lake Shore when they were surrounded by police and herded into buses (they managed to round up several dangerous Michigan Ave. shoppers in the ensuing dragnet). My friend spent almost 24 hours in jail (no food, no phone call) and had to go to court four times before police dropped the charges. I think the government is just trying to annoy people out of protesting. You have to waste a lot of time and money trying to clear your name after something like this.

Amy C @ 04/12/2005 01:27 PM CST

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