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A couple weeks ago, Gov. Blagojevich told Illinois pharmacists to quit dicking around and fill those birth control prescriptions already. Now "Rev." Pat Robertson is getting involved, through Jay Sekulow and his helper monkeys at American Center for Law and Justice (part of Robertson's Axis of Evil):

Two Illinois pharmacists sued Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday for ordering them to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception even if it violates their religious beliefs.

The American Center for Law and Justice, which specializes in constitutional law, filed a lawsuit in state court in Springfield on behalf of Peggy Pace and John Menges, registered pharmacists who are both from Edwardsville.

So, there you go, ladies. Pat Robertson wants total control over your health care, from whether or not you have babies to whether or not you can die with dignity and everything in between. And, yes, it is only women's health he's so concerned about. Because without his godly guidance, we would all become filthy whores with living wills.

Support Planned Parenthood and fight this bullshit before the good reverend wants to accompany you personally to your next Pap smear.

(Oh, and check out the nutbars at Pharmacists for Life International, the chief instigators in all this nonsense. They refer to the governor as "Slobodan" Blagojevich because, well, he's of Serbian ancestry and all Serbians are apparently war criminals. Or something. Kind of hard to follow their logic. The craziness starts at the top.)

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what I love the most about these assholes is that the American Pharmacists Association's code of ethics sez jack fucking shit about the right to not dispensing medications one the grounds that the medication violate personal beliefs. Nothing.

See for yourself:

It does say a lot about respecting the autonomy of patients however.

shechemist @ 04/14/2005 12:21 PM CST there's this:

When I read this on another site my head nearly exploded! "The Handmaid's Tale" seems to be fast becoming a reality....

celticgirl @ 04/14/2005 07:44 PM CST


celticgirl @ 04/14/2005 07:47 PM CST

From that CNN article:

"Brauer told Reuters she believes doctors will eventually begin ordering women to abort disabled children, or refuse to treat them after birth."

What the hell is she talking about?

Amy C @ 04/14/2005 09:23 PM CST

What the hell IS she talking about? "It will be like China?" Women killing their babies? What the hell?

I wish I had thousands of dollars to give to Planned Parenthood.

Anna @ 04/15/2005 12:38 PM CST

The founder of Pharmacists for Life used to work not more than one mile from where I lived at the time she got fired (Delhi, OH).

She now lives in my home state of Indiana.

People wonder why I'm crossing my fingers about getting this job in Massachusetts...


Wes F. in Cincinnati @ 04/18/2005 08:13 AM CST

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