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You know, David Brooks had me going there for a second. He almost had me thinking, "For once the little twerp is right"...


Then I remembered...

Overturning Roe v. Wade, aside from having disastrous consequences for women's health and reproductive freedom, won't make the Right Wing suddenly play nice. In fact, it would probably embolden them to be even bigger assholes. Conservatives now control every branch of government and nearly all the corporate money in this country, yet every time they gain more power, they stomp around and scream like infants about how oppressed they are. The Democrats have spent too long believing that giving these jerks what they want will shut them up, but it never works. You can't comprimise with zealots, and the Republican Party has been taken over by zealots.

Speaking of which, I ran into a friend today on the way to work. She works for the city health department doing HIV prevention and travels to DC a lot. She told me she's known so many people in the Department of Health & Human Services and other goverment health and science agencies -- career employees, not political appointments -- who have just given up and quit because they can't do their jobs in the current climate of faith-based medicine. They are, naturally, being replaced by people who think HIV can be transmitted through sweat and that teaching abstinence constitutes a viable sex education policy. Some of those who quit are going overseas to do their work because the creeping theocracy here is stifling them. It's a brain drain, and my friend and her former colleagues estimate it'll take 20-30 years to recover from (and that's IF the Democrats can regain power and undo the worst Bush Administration excesses).

So, to recap: we're doomed.

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"...the Republican Party has been taken over by zealots."

Nah - they've never been zealots. They're TV zeal looks good for one set of voters, offends another set (that they'd never reach anyway), and let's them avoid dealing with corporate excesses.

Let's get real: abstinence "edvocates" are not interested in the question "What sex ed program yields the best social outcome," but rather, "how do we take over schools, social work, etc.?"

We're not doomed. We're just playing foolish by pretending the other side is either (a) stupid or (b) irrational zealots.

They're neither...and that means we have a lot of work to do challenging them, for the safety of our country and the freedoms we hold dear.

donzelion @ 04/21/2005 03:30 PM CST

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